Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some of Jeffs' Recent VOs with TimeShift!

I think the first track is funny its hard for me to believe its really me. I had a little fun with the time shift on this track. I think it sounds appropriate when I say Canyon River Blues. I also used some time shift in track two. I think it also holds its own on the line where I say Soft Scrub by Clorox. I left the third recording in original format although I did normalize and turn the volume up.
I’m going to try some characters and voices to some other commercials. Some back ground music would be effective for some of these and I may put the original recordings next to the processes just to show the difference.
If you would like to hear that leave a comment and I will do my next blog post on the subject of before and afters of the processing. If you have never use a sound editor or processor you may find it very entertaining as to just how different the sound can be changed.  I know I am still amazed!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Home Studio Comercials 1

First tries are usually the best ones so don't blow it! Remember to keep your chin up and act like you are the person behind the script. Read on to hear Jeffrey! Voice Overs from Jeffrey Peltier.