Friday, September 7, 2012

Home Studio Comercials 1

First tries are usually the best ones so don't blow it! Remember to keep your chin up and act like you are the person behind the script. Read on to hear Jeffrey! Voice Overs from Jeffrey Peltier.

The scripts in this VO come from practice scripts on free VO scripts from Edge I have found as my Grandmother said practice makes perfect. Maybe I need more practice and maybe that's as good as I can get this after remastering five times. But still its not bad I tend to like the hick character on the last take. The sexy voice on the ESTELLE'S DRESSY DRESSES is something I think is kind of fun but it needs a little something. I need to watch more late shows with French actors. If you are interested in using any of these characters or have suggestions leave a comment or Email me at .

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